Community Policing

Mayor Broome stands committed to making sure our police department is advancing 21st century policing practices, leading to an 18% decrease in killings in the city in 2019.

A new approach

Since the beginning of her administration, Mayor Broome has sought collective leadership around crime prevention and reduction in law enforcement, the community and faith-based organizations. Mayor Broome seeks collaboration based on shared goals and values. Mayor Broome is leading the charge with 21st Century police reform and remains committed to improving crime within Baton Rouge.

Since the beginning of her administration, Mayor Broome has sought collective leadership around crime prevention and reduction in law enforcement, the community and faith-based organizations.

  • The Real-Time Crime Center came online in 2020 where all law enforcement agencies in the parish can share and analyze real-time crime data to reduce and prevent crime.
  • Purchased 300 new vehicles for the Baton Rouge Police Department.
  • Instituted reforms and training as part of the Mayor’s goal to reform the BRPD with 21st Century Crime policing.
  • Equipping all officers with body cameras
  • Establishing an accountable use of force policy
  • Requiring de-escalation in situations
  • Banning chokeholds
  • Implementing procedural justice training for all officers
  • Improving and intensifying officer wellness programs.
  • Establishing Trust in Law Enforcement
  • East Baton Rouge Parish has seen an improved relationship between the community and law enforcement through initiatives like Collective Healing, a grant issued by the Department of Justice.
  • Baton Rouge officers participated in more than 600 community events to engage the community in a positive way and build trust with the community they serve.
  • Introduce shared camera access from neighborhood associations into the Real Time Crime Center.
  • Raise Police and Firefighter Pay

“I firmly believe our collective efforts thus far have built trusting relationships in our community, created new opportunities for positive engagement, and led to a safer and more equitable community. I am so grateful to all those who contribute their time and talents towards being ‘peace-makers’ for East Baton Rouge, and I commit to continue prioritizing these efforts to meet and exceed the expectations of our citizens.”

- Mayor Broome

Community Policing

Community/Police relations are a key aspect in tackling crime across the parish. Through improved training and engagement, BRPD has had great success in gaining the communities support in solving crime.Last year, BRPD expanded their outreach, sponsoring more than 350 community events, ranging from bike safety classes to cook-offs.

Mayor Broome is advancing initiatives to become a trauma informed city focusing on:

  • Innovative community based strategies around violence intervention and prevention and police accountability.
  • Systematize addressing violence as a public health issue at the municipal level
  • Leverage traditional and grant public safety dollars to support holistic approaches to safety rooted in healing and racial equity
  • Identify, train and deploy non-traditional leaders from within the community to serve as Outreach Workers to increase access and awareness to healing and recovery services for victims/survivors of violence through direct services, advocacy and public educational forums.
  • Provide caseworks to high risk mentees, intervene and mediate conflicts between individual and rival group involved youth in Baton Rouge neighborhoods via Baton Rouge Community Street Team
  • Coordinate a citywide Public Safety Roundtable initiative (i.e BRPD, Healthy BR, Courts, CBO, etc.)

Reshape Criminal & Juvenile Justice Systems

Juvenile Services continues to focus on strategic community initiatives to serve the existing detention population while also building preventative strategies for area youth.

In Fall 2019, the Department of Juvenile Services worked with JuvenileCourt to modify conditions of probation, mandating youth to report to EmployBR to determine eligibility. If deemed eligible, there is a requirement to participate in Employ BR’s continuing education and/or employment program.

On The Other Issues

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome's Plan to Make a Difference.

Emergency Preparedness



Government Efficiency

Since taking office in January 2017, Mayor Broome has identified ways to streamline the management and efficiency of City-Parish Government. These efforts have identified up to $7 million in potential savings.


Quality of Place

By stabilizing neighborhoods in crisis, investing in quality, affordable housing options, and empowering residents to lead the change in their own communities, Mayor-President Broome is promoting community development across East Baton Rouge Parish.


Economic Development

Under Mayor Broome’s leadership, our economic outlook is strong with more than 5,000 new jobs projected within the next 18 months. This growth will be fueled by a combination of expansion projects and new investors entering our market in the areas of Oil/Gas, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Retail, and Technology.


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