Emergency Preparedness


All Hazards Recovery Plan

Mayor Broome brought in new leadership at the Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (MOHSEP), placing a focus on a “whole community” approach to preparedness, recovery and mitigation.

The plan provides a disaster recovery framework at the local level, with designated coordinators in six recovery support function areas. It ensures the community has an efficient, proactive, and comprehensive disaster recovery plan that uses national best practices to quickly meet the needs of citizens while they are in crisis.


In early March, Mayor Broome convened a team of medical leaders from our local hospitals, clinics and urgent cares that work with the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative to discuss the measures our community needed to take to protect our residents and prevent Baton Rouge from becoming a hot-spot.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Mayor Broome has leveraged public-private partnerships to meet the needs of East Baton Rouge Parish residents, and to proactively approach the adversities facing the Capital Region.

“Mayor Broome’s response was swift and full of support for the city and our customers. Keep BR Serving would not have succeeded past a few local restaurateurs if it had not been for the Mayor’s Office and her leadership.”
Mitch Rotolo, local restaurant owner

COVID-19 Testing Sites

Under Mayor Broome’s leadership, local hospitals, clinics, and the Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security came together to provide the FIRST mobile drive through testing site for the residents of East Baton Rouge Parish. Since March, our partners have worked together to stand up over 25 COVID-19 testing locations in East Baton Rouge Parish.

ReStart BR

Mayor Broome launched ReStart BR to facilitate the responsible reopening of business activity in East Baton Rouge Parish and create a strategy for repositioning industries, businesses, and the workforce in the COVID-19 economy.$1 million Micro-Grant program, in partnership with Urban League of Baton Rouge, providing $2500 grants to local small businesses

Keep Baton Rouge Serving

Mayor Broome gathered the Baton Rouge Area Chamber, and local restaurant owners to create the Keep Baton Rouge Serving Campaign.To date, the campaign raised nearly $300,000 to directly support 70 local businesses pay their staff during COVID-19 closures.

Ready & Resilient - Flood Recovery

Mayor Broome made flood recovery a top priority of her administration; the mayor works with Louisiana’s Office of Community Development to assist EBR residents in flood recovery efforts.

Mayor Broome brought in new leadership at the Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (MOHSEP), placing a focus on a “whole community” approach to preparedness, recovery, and mitigation.

Stormwater Master Plan is a 3-year, $15 million-dollar initiative to evaluate, collect data, and model storm water drainage across CityParish. The plan will allow the City-Parish to identify critical drainage improvement projects. Funding has been provided through FEMA, with an additional match from OCD.

Federal Hazard Mitigation Funds provides for $1.2 billion dollars of funding for flood mitigation. There are 25+ projects in the pipeline for these funds.

On The Other Issues

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome's Plan to Make a Difference.

Government Efficiency

Since taking office in January 2017, Mayor Broome has identified ways to streamline the management and efficiency of City-Parish Government. These efforts have identified up to $7 million in potential savings.


Quality of Place

By stabilizing neighborhoods in crisis, investing in quality, affordable housing options, and empowering residents to lead the change in their own communities, Mayor-President Broome is promoting community development across East Baton Rouge Parish.


Economic Development

Under Mayor Broome’s leadership, our economic outlook is strong with more than 5,000 new jobs projected within the next 18 months. This growth will be fueled by a combination of expansion projects and new investors entering our market in the areas of Oil/Gas, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Retail, and Technology.


Community Policing

Mayor Broome stands committed to making sure our police department is advancing 21st century policing practices, leading to an 18% decrease in killings in the city in 2019.


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