Quality of Life

After working with stakeholders, community leaders, and residents like you, Mayor-President Broome's team design a plan to address Healthy Living, Behavioral Health, HIV/STI, and Access to Care in East Baton Rouge Parish.

A new approach

In 2018, HealthyBR, the Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative, completed a Community Health Needs Assessment and accompanying Community Health Improvement Plans. Broome’s goal was to have a data-driven approach to addressing the Social Determinants of Health and health disparities found throughout our community.

The results showed economic stability, neighborhood and physical environment, education, community and social connection, food access and access to healthcare were areas that required an investment of resources to improve outcomes in every part of the parish - particularly in the underserved areas.

Progress by the Numbers:

  • Through the Head Start program, the City-Parish has empowered 1,250 families in 2020 to be proactive in their child's success in early childhood development and education, enhancing mental health services to improve the wellbeing of children, families and staff to maximize their potential and improve their quality of life
  • Support service programs such as Ryan White HIV/AIDS, EBRP Head Start, Employ BR and the Office of Social Services, DHDS have collectively impacted the lives of nearly 50,000 residents. These services have contributed over $30 million to improving the quality of life outcomes.
  • Cradle to K is Mayor Broome’s award-winning early learning program that strengthens the culture of parenting in Baton Rouge. 90% of parents who participate in this initiative report that their connections to local resources and parent networks are highly effective.

Safe, Hopeful, Healthy Baton Rouge

This framework aims to establish a preventative system that defines best practices on how theBaton Rouge community can invest time, energy, creativity and resources to produce better quality of life outcomes.

By design, a Safe, Hopeful, Healthy Baton Rouge will encompass an array of prevention strategies, carried forward by diverse stakeholders, in diverse sectors, all aimed at shifting social conditions, policies, practices and resources to advance health, public safety and wellbeing in communities.

Expand Healing Centered, Trauma Informed Practice: Through an initiative called Collective Healing, Baton Rouge Police and 15 community-based agencies and organizations collaborate to improve community/police relationships. The approach is through a trauma-informed lens and addressing officer wellness.Since its start in 2017, reCAST BR Coalition has provided trainings and services to promote healing to over 5,000 law enforcement officers, first responders, educators, behavioral health clinicians, and citizens throughout City-Parish.


In November 2018, Mayor Broome launched Geaux Get Healthy, a HealthyBR program that provides access to fresh food throughout the community. In the last year, Geaux Get Healthy engaged over 4,000 people and distributed over 6,000 units of fresh food to people living in the 70805 zip code. This year the program is expanding to four additional zip codes.

  • Increase Food Access
  • Prioritize Access to Care
  • Address Violence and Racial Disparities through the Public Health Lens
  • Develop Healing-Centered and Trauma-Informed Practice

Fresh Food Retailer Initiative: Mayor Broome secured 1.8 million dollars (general fund, CDBG grants, Geaux Get Healthy) to address food deserts, in partnership with HOPE Credit Union, to attract grocery stores into underserved areas.

Move with the Mayor: is an initiative that promotes a more active lifestyle through various community led events. Last year, Mayor Broome joined existing running clubs, bike rides, walks and even Physical Education classes and exercised with over 200 residents in the last quarter of 2018.This year, the Mayor-President plans to double the number of exercise groups, clubs, or just a group of friends who want to Move with the Mayor.

Empowering Youth

During the course of her administration, Mayor Broome has provided a work experience for nearly 1,000 local youth. In Summer 2019, she brought together a collaborative of youth-serving agencies in our community to establish the Mayor’s Youth Workforce Experience. MYWE participants gain workplace skills, training & enrichment, mentorship and learn civic responsibility.

Cradle to K is Mayor Broome’s award winning early learning program that strengthens the culture of parenting in Baton Rouge. 90% of parents who participate in this initiative report that their connections to local resources and parent networks are highly effective.

In collaboration with LSU, SU, BRCC and EBR Parish Schools, Capital Area Promise is an education initiative to guarantee that all students have the opportunity to enroll in college and/or enter the workforce with skills to succeed. Through 10 goals, Capital Area Promise leverages existing and new programs from each institution in the areas of academic achievement, access, affordability and teacher preparation.

On The Other Issues

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome's Plan to Make a Difference.

Emergency Preparedness



Government Efficiency

Since taking office in January 2017, Mayor Broome has identified ways to streamline the management and efficiency of City-Parish Government. These efforts have identified up to $7 million in potential savings.


Quality of Place

By stabilizing neighborhoods in crisis, investing in quality, affordable housing options, and empowering residents to lead the change in their own communities, Mayor-President Broome is promoting community development across East Baton Rouge Parish.


Economic Development

Under Mayor Broome’s leadership, our economic outlook is strong with more than 5,000 new jobs projected within the next 18 months. This growth will be fueled by a combination of expansion projects and new investors entering our market in the areas of Oil/Gas, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Retail, and Technology.


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